Marleene Elric

Marleene ElricEdit

Age: 16 1/2

Titles: The Monster Alchemist


Edward Elric

Winry Elric (deceased)

Siblings: Nicholas Elric (twin brother)


Alphonse Elric   May Elric

Honeheim (deceased)

Trisha Elric (deceased)

Thomas Elric



Marleene is someone who you might call bi-polar. As shown in the story, Marleene is a typically bubbly girl with few worries. Usually, she is very nice and friendly, but there is some exceptions. For example, whenever she thinks about her past and her brother, Nicholas Elric. She doesn't like thinking about old times because it mostly fills her with sadness. On another note, William Mustang, or Will, tries to snap her out of it when she is in a sad state. It may work, but William's ways of doing so are not the best options... He starts arguing with her. If he hits on her or flirts in some way, Marleene becomes easily infurated. When that happens, Thomas Elric comes to the rescue.


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